Los Angeles County

YOGURTLAND – Sherman Oaks, CA

After having the most unpleasant experience with my lunch yesterday at a chain restaurant that for now will remain nameless, I needed something to re-cleanse my palate–STAT!  More about that chain restaurant experience in a future post.  Frozen yogurt sounded good to me and we first headed over to Ce Fiore in Encino–to my disappointment, they had closed the shop and replaced it with a Russian tea room (a Russian tea room in Encino???). Ce Fiore offers an Acai Berry frozen yogurt which is one of my favorites; I usually top it with strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and a bit of coconut.  I had such a craving for it that I was really bummed when I saw that the shop wasn’t there.  Not to be deterred, we all got in the car and hubby simply said, “Yogurtland?”.  I said, “Yes!”.

A few minutes later we were at the Sherman Oaks Yogurtland locale.  Located in a small strip mall, there is limited parking in the small lot but a larger one in the back.  There is also street parking too if you get lucky.  The place was packed as usually and of course, I’m not surprised. It was a gorgeous, warm sunny day so frozen yogurt in the late afternoon is always a good idea.  I was going to go for something fruity but changed my mind and decided to go in the other direction: Dutch Chocolate, Coffee and Pralines & Pecans frozen yogurt together topped with Heath Bar, chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie dough, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.  I think I had two more other toppings but I think you get the idea of what theme I was going for.  Can you guess which one was mine???



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