San Diego County incl Temecula

BLANCA – Solana Beach, CA

Last weekend, I enjoyed THE BEST EVER popcorn from Blanca Restaurant (Solana Beach)–their “Popcorn, Parmesan & Truffle Salt” on their appetizer menu.  Solana Beach is a sleepy little charming beach town just north of Del Mar.  I was enjoying a light breakfast that Saturday morning–green apples slices, hot green tea and two slices of turkey bacon–when my brother Tony encouraged me to try his leftover popcorn from yesterday’s dinner. He held up the clear plastic container where hundreds of popped corn kernels stared back at me.  At first I was hesitant.  First of all, it was too early in the day for popcorn (at least for me it was).  And secondly, my doctor told me two days ago to stay away from what he called the “seven deadly foods” and guess what?  Popcorn was one of them!  (Thanks alot Dr. Kaplan!).  Well, when Tony told me that it was tossed with parmesan and truffle salt, I hesitated for a nano second. I couldn’t just walk away.  After all, I write a food blog. Everything in moderation, right?  Man I can talk myself into anything…

I grabbed a small handful and popped it into my mouth. OMG–it was simply to die for!  It was perfectly seasoned and unlike other flavored popcorn, it wasn’t heavily dusted. If you’ve never had truffle-anything, the essence of truffle can be overwhelming and is an acquired taste, however in this case, balanced with the parmesan cheese, it was pure savory bliss. It’s a bit pricey–$8 but so worth it! I quickly did a Google search for the restaurant and found that they are only open for dinner.  I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to stop by and pick up an order “to go” for the 2.5 hour ride back up to L.A.

I plan on going back for the entire dinner experience–drinks, appetizers, entree and dessert.  And don’t let the name of the restaurant fool you–I actually thought it was a Mexican restaurant at first glance at the name.  But it’s actually a French restaurant that serves up french and mediterranean cuisine (the use of truffles in one of their menu items should have tipped me off).

Who would have thought that a French restaurant would serve the most awesome popcorn on the planet???

437 S Highway 101 # 301
Solana Beach, CA 92075-2221
Phone: (858) 792-0072


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