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SPRINKLES | Ice Cream?


Yep, ice cream! I had no idea that Sprinkles went outside of its cupcake comfort zone and entered into the ice cream business. After an afternoon of estate sales and thrift store hopping (hubby’s newest obsession), on the way home I had wanted to stop by Sprinkles and pick up a cupcake or two from the Cupcake ATM. Cupcake ATM? Keep in mind that Sprinkles is located in Beverly Hills–and in Beverly Hills, anything is possible. Yes, L.A. boasts its own cupcake dispensing ATM (how many cities can lay claim to that???). Great for those of you who all of a sudden crave something sweet at some ungodly hour and everything’s already closed.


But I degress…where was I? Oh yes. Located next door to THE original Sprinkles cupcake shop and whose line is equally as long, Sprinkles Ice Cream opened back in May, just in time for the start of the summer season. My plan was to still pick up one or two cupcakes but once I saw the ice cream shop, I had to step inside for a few minutes and check it out. Well, ice cream won out over cupcakes.

Sprinkles’ ice cream is handcrafted using organic California dairy and carefully selected fresh ingredients, slow churned to incorporate less air thus creating a creamy, flavorful treat. You can enjoy your favorite Sprinkles-style flavor in a red velvet waffle cone; sandwiched between two cupcake tops or two cookies; in a classic ice cream shake; in a sundae with a variety of toppings or sauces; or simply on its own, in a cup.


I was actually thankful that there was a long line in front of me so that I can take time to peruse the menu. The shop itself is gleaming in white with punches of red. The menu is in written in red on the walls:


The “rotunda” is decorated with an ice cream recipe written by Thomas Jefferson (and in the “font” of Thomas Jefferson if that makes any sense):


After much debate, I finally settled on the cookie ice cream sandwich. The hardest part for me was choosing the cookie and the ice cream that would make up my custom sandwich. Fudge Brownie? Snickerdoodle? Double Chocolate? Chocolate Chip? What about the ice cream? Did I want Coffee? Salty Caramel? Butter Pecan? Red Velvet? Hubby at first wanted a cookie sandwich, then a scoop of ice cream before finally settling on a strawberry shake. It’s so hard when you have so many choices!



So what did I choose? A double chocolate cookie and butter pecan ice cream sandwich. My eyes went wide when they brought it out to me. It was huge! I wasn’t even sure how to eat it, afraid of risking lockjaw if I tried to take a bite out of it. Even the guy in front of me asked, “How are you supposed to eat THAT?”

While I was contemplating my strategy, the customer that was standing in line behind me asked if she could take a photo of my sandwich, wanting to text it to a friend who would not believe big it was. I noticed that she had ordered a red velvet ice cream cone so I asked if I could also take a picture. She ordered hers in a cup with coffee ice cream and told me that I probably would want to take a photo of her twin daughter’s ice cream cone since hers would come without a cup.


Twins Kilila and Kanani posed with their yummy chocolate and red velvet ice cream cone:


It was easiest just to eat the ice cream first with a spoon (thankfully, the sandwich was served in a cup to catch the drips) and then eat the cookie when I was able to eat it comfortably. The ice cream was so creamy and full of flavor. And the cookie was perfect–not too hard or too sweet.

On my next visit, I’m going to give that Cupcake ATM a go, and then go next door and order a scoop or two of ice cream. A cupcake and ice cream…somehow, I think that’s going to make a great combination!


9631 South Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90210
888.220.2210 Phone


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