Princess Gourmet Creates!


The macaron craving has struck again! Spurned on by recent trips to my favorite macaron haunts for a quick hit, it was met by disappointment to find that my favorite flavor–espresso (or coffee) was not available. Oh sure, there were plenty other flavors for me to enjoy but I had my mind set on espresso. So I decided to make them myself! This would be my third macaron trip and I didn’t want to feel too confident that “third times a charm” so thinking positively, I prayed to the baking gods to guide me in the kitchen and help me achieve macaron success!


So here I am in my kitchen on a hot, summer Sunday afternoon where temperatures have climbed to almost 90 degrees and 32% humidity (we don’t turn on the A/C unless we absolutely have to). I again used BraveTart’s macaron recipe, this time dividing it in half which should make about 20 macaron cookies. To the dry ingredients, I added cocoa powder and the instant ground espresso, sifting it all together. My meringue came out perfect–stiff and glossy!  As I added the dry ingredients to the meringue mixture one-third at a time, I was focused on achieving perfect macronage–folding wet into dry and achieving that lava flow consistency. However, I couldn’t help but be worried about how the weather would affect the outcome of my meringue and the batter itself. But it was too late now and I was at a point of no return.


Piping the batter onto my silpat lined baking pan, I noted that the batter spread a bit more than I would have liked and got nervous. I let it sit it out longer than normal to create the “skin” and didn’t forget to rap the pan on the counter to rid the air bubbles. Right before popping the cookies in my preheated 300 degree oven, I sprinkled rough-chopped chocolate covered espresso beans and baked them with the oven door slightly ajar for about 18 minutes (crossing my fingers)!


I thought the batch came out pretty good:


Now the real question is–what to fill it with? Vanilla buttercream? Nutella? Chocolate ganache?


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