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HAM JI PARK (Koreatown) | Finger Licking, Lip Smackin’ BBQ Ribs!

Nothing says summer like BBQ and kicking it up a notch Korean-style raises it to a sizzling level. Ham Ji Park’s award-winning marinated pork spare ribs are lip smacking, finger licking good. These ribs are the only item on the menu not cooked at the table but in the kitchen and delivered piled high and piping hot to be enjoyed with a variety of banchan and other menu favorites.


We enjoyed the ribs with menu favorite, Gamja Tang, or pork neck stew. This is what put Ham Ji Park on the map. Hearty, flavorful and filling with meat falling off the bone and potatoes with a nice subtle kick. Korean comfort food at its best. Great with plain, steamed white rice:


We also ordered Marinated Beef Sirloin to be cooked at the table, along with sizzling Kimchi Rice to be mixed at the table in its own stone pot bowl (loved the beef with the red pepper paste):



And of course, what Korean meal would not be complete without the requisite banchan:


Meals come with a fresh green salad and endless iced tea (Korean-style not Lipton). You definitely will not go home hungry!

3407 W. 6th Street, Suite 101-C
Los Angeles, CA  90020


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