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EGGSLUT | The Focus Is On The Egg

The incredible, edible egg…a first in L.A.’s gourmet food truck offerings where the focus is simply…on the egg. On its own, it doesn’t create much “egg”citement but if presented in a way that gets your attention in the way of pairing and taste, it creates a very memorable impression. Its culinary genius is in the name–“Eggslut“–the name alone makes you curious and it’s created a dedicated following in Los Angeles, especially in non-conservative environs. And Eggslut does get around, in a manner of speaking and the egg does not make for strange bedfellows when paired with other sweet and savory items.

I met up with friends Rocky (Twitter: @foodtruckarmy) and Emilie (Twitter: @nuts4pilinuts) on a beautiful Saturday morning on Thanksgiving weekend to finally give Eggslut a try. Emilie’s blog, Food Truck Adventure, focuses primarily on L.A.’s gourmet food truck scene with a splattering of brick and mortar reviews for added variety.

Thee Slut

Take “Thee Slut” where a perfectly coddled egg sits atop a smooth, potato puree and garnished with chives and grey salt and cooked in a glass jar. Served alongside with baguette toasts, the way to enjoy this dish is to delicately break the yolk and dip the toast into the jar, capturing a bit of the potato puree, yolk and whites. This dish worked; it was delicate and absolutely heavenly.

Sausage Egg & Cheese

The Sausage Egg & Cheese breakfast sandwich featured a perfectly seasoned and generously portioned “truck made” turkey breakfast sausage patty, Tillamook cheddar cheese, honey mustard aioli and crowned with an over medium egg in a brioche bun. I won’t go back to fast food breakfast sandwiches again.

The Kaya

Pancake Tacos

Eggslut’s Kaya was a sweet surprise. Eggs whipped with coconut milk created a creamy, almost custard-like texture and spread on toasted bread and served with an over easy egg. The  savory Pancake Tacos includes perfectly scrambled eggs, bacon and drizzled with maple syrup atop a fluffy pancake.

Bacon Egg & Cheese

The Bacon Egg & Cheese breakfast sandwich, prepared similarly to the Sausage, Egg & Cheese sandwich above, features a generous serving of bacon.

Chef Alvin has developed his menu where the egg is definitely the star and it keeps you wanting more. And he plans on continuing to push the envelope where the egg is concerned. On weekend mornings in Los Angeles, you’ll find Eggslut in front of Commissary, named one of L.A.’s Top 5 “haute” coffee houses by Haute Living Magazine.

I’ll never look at an egg in the same way again.

Twitter: @eggslutla
Facebook: Egg Slut


2 thoughts on “EGGSLUT | The Focus Is On The Egg

  1. yum! i always see egg slut parked in front of commissary or at the food truck stop and wonder. i’ll have to give them a try, esp. the kaya sounds delicious!

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