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A New Twist On A Classic Favorite

I grew up enjoying floats when I was a kid. I remember the coca-cola floats my mom would make for me and my siblings during those hot summers in Virginia. Coca-cola and vanilla ice cream in tall frosty glasses were something to look forward to. When my family moved back to California when I was 10, we “graduated” to root beer floats. It was the first time I’ve ever had root beer–so different from coca-cola but just as sweet and just as good.

As an adult, I’ve become a big fan of ice-blended flavored coffee drinks and pairing iced coffee with ice cream seemed like a cool idea to me. I’ve been drinking a lot of iced coffee drinks lately (blended and on the rocks) and at almost $5 a pop, it can be a pretty pricey fix. I wanted to prepare something simple that I can make at home, satisfy my coffee craving and save a few dollars in the process. So I decided to try my hand at creating my own iced coffee drink with Godiva’s Chocolate Truffle ground coffee.

As soon as I opened the bag of ground coffee and took in the heady, chocolate aroma, I knew this was no ordinary coffee and I couldn’t wait to brew it. As the coffee was brewing, my husband remarked how the house suddenly smelled like one of our favorite coffee houses. So here’s my “grown up” take on a childhood classic:


  • A pot of freshly brewed Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee, chilled.
  • Your favorite vanilla ice cream
  • Whipped cream and chocolate syrup for ganish.

For this recipe, I used Godiva’s Chocolate Truffle Coffee.  Brew coffee according to your preferred strength and chill. Do not sweeten.

To assemble your coffee float, drop 2-3 scoops of vanilla ice cream in a frosted glass.  Slowly fill the glass with the chilled coffee. Garnish with whipped cream, drizzle with chocolate syrup and serve immediately. Don’t forget the spoon!

Serves three thirsty coffee lovers!  Godiva has other decadent coffee flavors to choose from: French Vanilla, Breakfast Blend, Hazelnut Creme and Caramel. Enjoy!

Disclosure: As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program I received two bags of Godiva’s premium coffees.


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