Afternoon Tea/Coffee / Random Musings


My BFF Katie and I were catching up over the phone a couple of weeks ago. I was still excited about my latest Apple purchase (my iPad). The talk turned to iPhone apps and she assumed that I already had the Starbuck Mobile App (which she was surprised to hear that I didn’t). She explained how it worked.  Simply register all of your Starbucks cards on Starbucks’ site ( I registered my two cards online and to make it simple, I transferred the balance from one to the other (I only want to keep track of one card). I then downloaded the app from iTunes on my phone, signed on to my account from my phone and voila! I can now go into any Starbucks and instead of taking my wallet out, with a few touches on my iPhone and a quick scan of the barcode showing on the screen, I can now pay for my favorite beverage with my iPhone!  How cool is that? I tried it and it actually works! And, while I was on the Starbucks site, I decided to create my own personalized Starbucks card.

Yeah, I couldn’t resist.


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