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EAT MY BLOG | Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth for a Great Cause!

I could kick myself! I was home sick and in bed for two days earlier this week and there’s not much to do between long naps except check my tweets on Twitter and the latest news on Facebook…on my iPhone. I couldn’t be bothered to power up my laptop and I was so behind on what was going on in the foodie world. I don’t remember how I happened upon the information for this Saturday’s 3rd Annual Eat My Blog Bake Sale event but when I did, I was totally bummed! San Francisco had a similar event earlier this year and I thought to myself, how cool is that? Local foodies, bloggers, chefs, restauranteurs and businesses coming together to showcase their baking talents to raise money for a worthy cause. I had no idea that L.A. had something similar so when I read the post of the Eat My Blog…blog, scanned the list of 50+ contributors, and checked out yummy list of goodies being offered for sale, I got excited! And better yet, all the proceeds from the bake sale will go to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank!

But I was still bummed, because I wanted to be a part of it as a contributor. But I also knew it was too late. So I contacted the event’s coordinator and Los Angeles-based food blogger, Cathy Dahn (Gastronomy and Eat My Blog), via email and asked her to keep me in mind for the next event. In the meantime, I would lend support by attending the event!

So what’s for sale? Bacon Brownies w/ Bourbon Caramel Sauce, Lavendar Honey Shortbread Cookies, Polvoron, Eggnog Marshmallows, Lemon French Macarons, Cranberry & Blueberry Pie Pops are just some of the treats featured for sale. There’s even treats for your favorite feline (Catnip Cookies) and man’s best friend (Idgie’s Dog Biscuits)! You’ll find lots of brownies & bars, cookies, candy, cakes, cupcakes & muffins, pastries, pies & tarts, spoon desserts and pet treats galore!  I’m so giddy with excitement that I can’t stand it! LOL!

The bake sale is set for tomorrow, Saturday, December 4, 2010 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  All items are priced between $1 to $4 so please bring small bills. I plan on being there early! Hope to see you there!

Outside of Tender Greens
8759 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, California

For more information, please click HERE.


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