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From YeeGee's garden...beautiful heirloom tomatoes!

My friend and co-worker YeeGee from my company’s New York office sent, via one of my colleagues in Woodland Hills, tomatoes home grown from her garden via UPS. I couldn’t believe that these tomatoes survived the long journey and didn’t become tomato sauce en route! There were a variety of tomatoes and between the staff and I, we divvy’d up the tomatoes and contemplated on what to do with them, since they were already ripe and ready to eat. I had chosen the large red and medium yellow tomato and added a roma tomato for more tomato flavor.

I wanted to enjoy mine right away. A fresh caprese salad sounded good to me which led to rib eye steaks to go along with them. I stopped by my local Ralph’s Supermarket and picked up fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, organic garlic, a bottle of EVOO (I couldn’t remember how much I had left and didn’t want to be caught short), fresh rosemary, portobellos, can of baked beans (for hubby) and headed home to prepare my feast!

My Caprese Salad!

I hate to admit that I haven’t cooked in awhile (and I love to cook). I’ve been eating out a lot lately; it’s just easier than having to think up a menu, shop for the groceries, and then having to clean up afterwards. After a long day at work, the thought of having to go through all that effort made me even more tired! But on this particular evening, I was highly motivated and couldn’t wait to prepare my caprese salad.

Ribeye Steaks Before...

Ribeye Steaks...AFTER. Cooked medium and perfect!

I got the steaks marinating first so that they would be ready when hubby got home so that he can throw them on the grill. I marinated my rib eyes with olive oil, salt, pepper, minced garlic and rough chopped rosemary and let them sit at room temperature to give it time for the flavors to meld together. Meanwhile, I cubed the beautiful heirloom red and yellow tomatoes, drained and added the fresh mozzarella, cut chiffonade-style the fresh basil, chopped the garlic (can’t get enough of garlic) and drizzled in the EVOO. The sweet smell from the basil and the scent of garlic wafted thru my kitchen and I had to restain myself from digging into the salad. I immediate put the caprese salad into the refrigerator to chill until serving time, at which time you would season with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste.

Stuffed Portobellos

The portobellos were stuffed with a savory bread stuffing and baked. I heated up the baked beans and I had to cook the white rice (we’re Asian so we have to have rice at almost every meal). Hubby came home in time to grill the rib eyes (I like mine cooked medium) and it was tender, juicy and full of flavor! Absolutely perfect! You don’t need A-1 with these steaks!

If it weren’t for the heirloom tomatoes, we would have been trying to figure out what to pick up for dinner or have delivered. With empty plates and satisfied tummies, I would say that my meal was a success! And the leftovers? Hubby and I made steak sandwiches the next night prepared simply: sliced strips of the rib eye steak in a hot dog bun (had to improvise since we had no rolls) and topped with the remaining caprese salad. It was just as good as the night before and a great use of the leftovers!

Ribeye Steak Caprese Sandwich



  1. Geri,

    Your sandwich looks absolutely delicious! We are so glad you enjoyed the tomatoes, my mom could not stop talking about how she had to send you some of her best ones 🙂 Enjoy & take good care.

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