Los Angeles County


The friendly staff of DAPSS Delicious!

After grubbing on gourmet food truck eats earlier in the day at the OC Foodie Fest in Anaheim and feasting on Himilayan food at Tara’s Himalayan Cuisine in Woodland Hills for dinner, eating even more food was the last thing on my mind as we headed to our parked cars after dinner for the drive home. As we crossed the street, we noticed a new fast food restaurant on the corner. We couldn’t tell if they were actually open for business or not. There were a few people in the restaurant and staff behind the counter. The sign on the building said, “DAPSS Delicious” with emphasis on “Doner Kebab”. I had no idea what a Doner Kebab is but I was intrigued. My friend Rocky G. decided to go in to check out their menu while my hubby and I waited outside of the restaurant, still stuffed from our Himalayan dinner.

Next thing I know, Rocky is motioning us to come inside. He told us that the restaurant wanted us to try their food. We traipsed in not knowing what to expect. I noticed right away the rotating vertical spit behind the counter. Was this Greek cuisine, I wondered? The staff was very open and friendly. I asked the lovely waitress behind the counter what exactly was “doner kebab” and she simply said Turkish Kebabs. Wow. I’ve never had Turkish kebobs. First Himalayan and now Turkish cuisine. I wanted to learn more.

Loosely translated, doner kebap means “rotating roast” and is a Middle Eastern delicacy cooked on a vertical spit and sliced to order, very similar to the Greek gyro or the Arabic shawarma with slight differences. DAPSS serves up two types of kebabs – beef and chicken, both of which are raised in California. However, their menu is not limited to kebabs. The restaurant will be offering sandwiches as well as plate combinations.

Both the beef and the chicken were tender, moist, flavorful and perfectly seasoned. The chef also has created his own “secret sauce” which looked similar to chipotle aioli and I dipped both the beef and chicken in it…smoky sweet and delicious! I was also able to try their creamy homemade yoghurt sauce which they make from scratch in the restaurant. Reminiscent of the Greek tzatziki sauce, the cucumber brightens up the yoghurt and is a perfect accompaniment to either the beef or the chicken.

DAPSS is very proud of their menu and the staff was warm, generous and extremely gracious. Their menu at the time of our visit, wasn’t yet finalized but what I did try was simply delicious. They are currently enjoying a soft opening while they perfect their menu items.

Their official grand opening is set for Saturday, September 4. If you’re looking for a quick bite that’s healthy, fresh and flavorful and want to try something different, give DAPSS a try. And for you late owls, if you get the late night munchies and don’t want to go to Denny’s or Jerry’s Deli, they are open until 1:00am!

19801 Ventura Boulevard (at Corbin)
Woodland Hills, CA  91364


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