Random Musings


I don’t know how many of you do this but I keep my iPhone on my nightstand charging away throughout the night and the first thing I do when I wake up is reach for my phone and begin checking my incoming emails, my Twitter account and Facebook! Forget getting a cup of coffee. Checking on the latest news through social media resources is my caffeine in the morning and I’m curious as to what has transpired in the wee hours of the morning while I slumber.

One Twitter item did catch my eye. It was a retweet from @eatlivtravwrite and referenced a post by @InSeansOpinion: How to Write Compelling Blog Posts. I quickly clicked on the link and was taken to Social Media Today’s website. It was an interesting and informative article that covered strategies on keeping one’s blog fresh and to keep the blog content interesting. I’ve been thinking about this very topic for some time now. Blogging is new to me and to keep up with it on a daily basis is difficult. As most of you know, I blog about my experiences with food, restaurants and generally, anything food-related. I got into blogging as a means to put down in writing what those experiences were and to create a lasting documentation of those experiences, whether they mean something to my readers or not. But now that I’m creating a small following, the need to create interesting, informative contents has now been pushed to the forefront of this blogging adventure and so now, I have to re-think my strategy.

When I log into WordPress and go into my Dashboard, I quickly scan my stats. At the beginning, this wasn’t very important to me. If anything, my blog was mainly my online diary. I started this journey trepidatiously (is there such a word, and if so, did I spell it right?), only posting when the mood struck or if I had an experience that I couldn’t wait to share. I started off with a bang, and then complacency set it. I’m great at rationalizing and convincing myself to put off certain tasks, especially when it involves a bit of effort. And with blogging, I convinced myself: (1) This is only for myself and no one is really reading it. (2) If I don’t blog for a few days, it’s okay. I can always catch up. (3) I’ve got so much going on that to sacrifice my blog is okay since compared to everything else going on in my life, blogging is low priority. The next thing I knew, I was absent from blogging completely. Oh, I’d post here and there, but not with regularity. I’d get inquiries from friends and family, asking me how my blog was going, and in veiled embarrassment, I would respond, ‘It’s going great! I’ve taken a small break but I’ve got stories brewing.” Before I knew it, a few weeks would pass and progress on my blog was almost non-existent.

So what jump started me on blogging again? I’m not sure exactly and I can’t pinpoint it on one specific event. All I know is that in the last few months, I’ve met some awesome bloggers, foodies, restaurant owners, and professionals in the wine and food industry that have re-invigorated my spirit in moving forward on this blogging quest. I can’t promise that I will blog with regularity on a daily basis, but I can make a commitment to blog experiences that I find interesting enough to share along with photos that I’ve taken myself. I’m not a professional photographer so don’t criticize my techniques nor am I a professional writer so don’t judge my sentence structure or grammar. All I ask is if you enjoy a post, leave me a comment on my blog (rather than sending me an email or posting a comment on Facebook) and share it with others by forwarding the link on to others who might find value in it. I will try my best to respond to your comments within a reasonable timeframe.

So here I am on a beautiful sunny Sunday in Los Angeles, sitting at my dining table with an almost empty cup of Harrods of London’s English Breakfast Tea and listening to my Japanese and Korean pop music while strategizing how best to manage my blog. Thanks Social Media Today for the helpful advice. And thanks readers for listening (or reading LOL!). Enjoy your day!


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