Blogapalooza 2010 / Los Angeles County

FOUR LEAF – Little Tokyo/Los Angeles, CA

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While in Little Tokyo, I had planned to stop by Pinkberry on the way back to the car after our dinner at the Curry House to order their watermelon frozen yogurt for the drive home. But those plans fell through when I spied Four Leaf.

I didn’t notice Four Leaf when walking past it due to the throngs of spectators that lined the streets for the Nisei Festival Parade. We were on our way to Weller Court and it was an obstacle course just to get through the crowds. After dinner, we were headed back to the Little Tokyo Market Place where we had parked our car and that’s when Four Leaf really caught my eye.

Four Leaf serves up crepes, tea and more. And after viewing their menu, any thoughts of Pinkberry went out the window. They offer a selection of sweet and savory crepes with clever names such as Snow White (apple cobbler, pie crumble and vanilla bean gelato with homemade cinnamon caramel sauce), Summer Camp (chocolate chips, crushed graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate gelato), Moody Cow (Korean style spicy beef, mixed cheese and kimchi salad) or Public Lover (pepperoni, roasted bell pepper, mixed cheese and tomator sauce).  You also have the option to create your own from a list of savory and sweet fillings. The “More” part of their menu? A nice selection of Shaved Ice, Freezes, Teas, Espressos, Coffees and Fresh Juices.

I definitely wanted to try their crepes and hubby agreed to share one with me. I decided to order the I Never Drink Wine crepe, a regular crepe filled with red wine poached pears, candied pecans, vanilla bean gelato with their house special red wine sauce and served with whip cream. I also ordered their Pomegranate Iced Tea.

I love watching crepes being made and they make it look so effortless. After a few minutes, our crepe was delivered to our table and we dove right in. I loved our crepe! The pears were poached perfectly and together with the pecans, gelato and the red wine sauce, the flavors melded together to create a subtle sweetness that was so full of flavor.

If you’re ever having dinner near the Downtown area and want to satisfy your sweet tooth with something uniquely different, stop by Four Leaf. It’s open seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. It’s now on my favorites list and I will be making a return visit real soon!

318 East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, California  90012


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