Blogapalooza 2010 / Los Angeles County

CURRY HOUSE: Little Tokyo/Los Angeles, CA

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We were in Little Tokyo for the Nisei Festival and headed over to Weller Court to check out possible options for dinner. There weren’t too many restaurants open for service and after considering our options, we made our way up to the second floor to Curry House. Curry House is known for their Japanese-style curry dishes and spaghetti. Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of curry in general (hubby on the other hand loves it) but there were other non-curry options in their fairly large menu and it did look pretty appetizing so we decided to give it a try.

What really drew me into the restaurant was the Angus Rib Eye Steak w/ Garlic Sauce advertised on their menu board outside of the restaurant. The steak was served with steamed white rice, fried potatoes, and steamed vegetables. My rib eye was tender and cut on the diagonal, and coupled with the garlic sauce, it was perfectly cooked. I ended up eating the entire steak!  More often than not, I can never finish a plate of food so for me to actually clean my plate speaks volumes to what I thought of the dish itself.

Hubby ordered the Chicken Curry Rice Plate which included steamed rice, chicken curry, fried shrimp, cream of corn soup and salad. He enjoyed his entree and finished off his plate as well.

Son #2 ordered the Kinoko & Kaiware, a spaghetti dish cooked with savory gourmet shimeji and oyster mushroom, grilled with onions and kaiware in a soy sauce based flavoring.  The pasta dish was light and flavorful and the mushrooms were mild and tender.

Located in the heart of Little Tokyo, if you enjoy Japanese cuisine and need a break from sushi, I recommend that you try Curry House. It’s a great place to gather with family and friends, the staff is friendly and courteous, prices are reasonable, they serve menu items that are kid friendly, entrees are generous and there are lots of food items to choose from…except sushi!

Japanese-Style Curry & Spaghetti
Weller Court Shopping Center
123 South Onizuka Street, #204
Los Angeles, California 90012
Phone: 213.620.0855


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