Los Angeles County


Hot dogs and hamburgers have gone gourmet! Well, sort of. I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into The Stand for the first time. I intended to just order a hot dog for lunch. Little did I know that I would have difficulty placing an order due to the to the overwhelming number of choices available to me. I’ve never seen a menu quite like The Stand’s and it’s all focused on comfort foods. In addition to hamburgers and hot dogs, they also serve up sausages, chicken and “stand”wiches. Twenty different types of sauces and condiments are included as well as 15 different toppings. The possibilities in building your masterpiece are exponential! Or you can order any of their classically prepared items and not have to worry about making any other decisions beyond that! Well, not necessarily true. You have to decide if you want the chips or slaw or for a $1 more, you can order fries or any other sides (thus resulting in having to make more choices)! Yikes! If that weren’t enough, you can order classic desserts, and they even serve beer and wine!

Since I was on my lunch hour, I decided to keep it simple and after seeing that they also have sausages, I abandoned the hot dog idea and decided to go with the spicy polish sausage and for an extra $1, I can choose up to three toppings to customize my sausage. So I chose cheddar cheese, bacon and garlic mushrooms! And for my condiment, I went with light mayo. I was ready to close out my order and go with The Stand’s chips when I spied macaroni & cheese on the menu. I love mac ‘n cheese and I had to try it so I forked over another $1. Upon request, The Stand will also split your hot dog or sausage and grill it on both sides. How perfect is that? It’s exactly how I prepare it at home!

I went outside with my organic iced tea to wait for my order to be delivered to my table. It was such a gorgeous day and it was nice to actually take an hour (rare for me) and truly enjoy my lunch hour. After a few minutes, my spicy polish sausage finally arrived and dressed the way I ordered it. The sausage wasn’t too spicy, the bacon smoky and I loved the addition of the garlic mushrooms which gave it a gourmet twist. And the mac ‘n cheese? Creamy and cheesy. Absolutely perfect!

You’ll never have an underdressed hot dog or burger ever again.

5780 Canoga Avenue
Woodland Hills, California 91367
Website: www.thestandlink.com


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