Los Angeles County


I was in line to place my dinner order at one of my favorite restaurants in Studio City, Aroma Cafe, located on busy Tujunga Boulevard when I spotted a display of boxes that caught my eye on one of their display shelves. I have been on a “sea salt” kick, especially when it’s one of the ingredients listed on a dessert menu. And this time, we’re talking about cookies. Not just any cookie–but Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies! Made with brown butter (and I think we can all agree that you can’t have enough butter), I’m thinking this is going to be one special cookie! The Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies come in two flavors–Original and Cocoa. Being the chocoholic that I am, I went for the cocoa flavor.

I expected to find a stack of about six large cookies in the box. I was surprised though when I finally did open the box to see three small packages of about four rounded cookie “balls” in clear cellophane bags being cushioned by brown “Easter grass” with the top cello bag sporting an “Enjoy” sticker on it.

I excitedly opened one bag of cookies, looking forward to the sweet yet savory flavor. I took one bite of the delicate, hand rolled cookie and its texture reminded me of shortbread cookies. It held firmly together and did not disintegrate into a crumbled heap once I bit into it. The cookies have a hint of brown butter, slightly sweet cocoa and a pinch of sea salt. I’ve never tasted a cookie quite like this one.

The Brown Butter Cookie Company based in Cayucos, CA makes these delectable cookies and if your favorite bakery doesn’t carry these cookies, you can order them online. Check out their website for more information. I can clearly taste why these cookies are a signature item!

250 North Ocean Avenue
Cayucos, CA 93430
Website: http://brownbuttercookies.com/



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