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Overlooking the Chula Vista Marina in San Diego County, The Galley At The Marina has been serving up seafood and live music for the last 16 years. This was a last minute lunch date on the Fourth of July and my dear friend Semo, who had been out of town (Arizona) for almost a week, called to see if I was still in town (San Diego) and if I wanted to meet for brunch or lunch. Noting the time and that I was spending a lazy Sunday morning relaxing at my brother’s house in Tierrasanta, I suggested a late lunch so after I crossed off a few items on my “to do” list, I got in my car and made the trek down to Semo’s place in National City.

I was happy to see Semo and looking forward to our lunch. Semo wanted to have lunch by the beach so I suggested the Chula Vista Marina since I had to pay a quick visit to my parents following our lunch. People were out for the Fourth of July holiday and because the restaurant was near picnic and park areas by the Marina, they had security guards stationed at the entrances to the restaurants in the Marina area so there would be parking for its patrons.

It was an overcast day and cool. We arrived at the Galley and sat outside in the patio area. We had a nice view of the marina area and life was good. I was sitting here having lunch and enjoying the company of an old friend and it couldn’t get any better than this. After studying the menu, we decided on the Jalapeno Poppers as a starter.  For some reason, that sounded good to me–cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers, breaded and deep fried to a golden brown and served with ranch dressing on the side.

Jalapeno Poppers

There were so many choices for lunch–salads, sandwiches, pasta, seafood items…after studying the menu, Semo and I knew immediately what we wanted to order.  Semo order the Blackened Ahi Sashimi, fresh blackened ahi sliced and arranged artfully over a bed of lettuce.

Blackened Ahi Sashimi

I ordered the Steamed Clams and Mussels. Just the description alone of the dish sold me: a one pound bowl of clams and mussels steamed in wine, olive oil and garlic, served with garlic cheese bread for dipping in that wonderful broth. And I was trying to limit my intake of bread to zero. Oh well, that went out the window AND there wasn’t enough bread for me to mop up the broth–there was so much of it! Heaven!

Steamed Clams & Mussels

Our neighbors next to us order a couple of items that seemed noteworthy; they ordered the Lobster and Crab Louie Salad, which included select fresh medallions of lobster and snow crab mixed with tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, bacon with mixed greens.

Lobster & Crab Louie Salad

The other dish they ordered was the Sampler Platter which included potato skins, calamari, jalapeno poppers, fried zucchini and buffalo wings and served with ranch dressing.

Sampler Platter

We of course saved the best for last–DESSERT! And Semo already has his eye on a dessert that had passed our table earlier…the Hula Pie! The hula pie was vanilla ice cream with a generous sprinkling of macademia nuts, sitting atop a chocolate graham cracker cookie crust, drizzled with lots of chocolate syrup and topped with loads of whipped cream. It was so good!

Hula Pie

Galley at the Marina is a great place to go with family and friends to enjoy a casual, comfortable meal and is a favorite with the locals. Comfort seafood at its best–and you can’t get any better than this!

Galley at the Marina on Urbanspoon

550 Marina Parkway
Chula Vista, CA  91910
Phone:  619.422.5714


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    • Hi Gemma…thank you sooo much! And thanks for the update on the website–I’ll be sure to make that correction on my blog and become a fan on Facebook. Have you tried Adams Avenue Grill in University Heights? One of my favorites in San Diego. Take care and again thank you! Have a great day!

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