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THE GLENDON BAR & KITCHEN – Westwood/Los Angeles, CA

Friday couldn’t come soon enough for me. It was a pretty busy week for me and by the end of the day on Friday, I was beat. I wanted to relax and unwind, preferably with an alcoholic beverage in my hand and just let the events of the week slowly melt away into oblivion. I emailed a couple of friends about 4:00pm and simply said, “Drinks Tonight?” and they responded quickly with a resounding “yes!”

Fortunately, traffic from Woodland Hills into the West L.A. area was running smoothly until I arrived at the Wilshire Avenue East exit (towards Westwood Village). Nooooo!  I did not want Friday afternoon rush hour traffic to come between me and a glass of something alcoholic but after sitting on the offramp for about 10 minutes, the traffic started to move and before I knew it, I was traveling eastbound on Wilshire.

I pulled up at Napa Valley Grille restaurant (Wait! You’re probably thinking that I’ve got it all wrong. This is supposed to be a review about The Glendon, not NVG). Well, it is BUT I didn’t know that The Glendon would be our next and final destination for the evening and was told to meet up at NVG (you see, my friends are lawyers and I pretty much do as I’m told). After a false start on the evening at NVG (separate review to follow), we decided to walk the short distance to  The Glendon.

The place was pretty busy and why wouldn’t it be? It’s Friday night, Happy Hour and all the yuppies (is that word still used to describe young upwardly mobile professionals???) were out in force, along with a few UCLA college students. It was a fairly large room, booths on the right hand side when you walk in, tables in the center, bar on the left middle part of the room. Large flat-screen TVs were positioned on both ends of the bar. About 5 minutes within our arrival, they dimmed the lights a bit. I love the decor, dark woods, simple table “dressing”, modern yet stylish with a bit of whimsy (crystal like chandeliers dotted the high loft-like ceiling). There was even an upstairs lounge area so you can check out the action below.

We were greeted by our server Hunter. Hunter was very personable and he reminded me of a not so bookish Clark Kent. LOL! Their menu was pretty simple and I liked the way it was organized. We were there for the alcohol (of course…it’s a bar…is there any other reason?) and their one-page, two-sided menu featured the bar items on the front.  The Glendon offers a 3-tiered Wine by the Glass menu (and further broken down by white and red selections). The first tier, affectionately named the “First Date” featured a selection of eight white and red wines and a bubbly all priced at $8.  The second tier, or “Second Date” features nine white and reds including a bubbly for $10. The third and final tier, or “Third Date” features $12 white and reds but no bubbly selection.  A Cocktail section featurs 11 inventive selections such as “The Mojito” with flavor options that include the “Classic”, Dragonberry, Torched Cherry, Peach Red, and Razz; and the “Moscow Mule“, a Grey Goose Vodka, Canton and Lime concoction. And if that wasn’t enough, they also offer Specialty Martini’s for $11 which includes cool sophisticated monikers such as “The Woodford” (Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Pomegranate, Orange and Lemon) and “The Distinction” (Cazadores Blanco, Croft Distinction Port, Lime, Ginger Beer, Sugar).  And for those individuals who would rather go for simple, there is a $5 Martini Menu offering such classics as the Apple Martini, Lemon Drop and Cosmopolitan.  Such a generous menu but alas, we all settled on wine and red was the choice–we each ordered the medium bodied “Maison Bouachon Cote-Du-Rho“, a Grenache-Syrah with hints of ripe fruit and a bit of spice from their “Second Date” tier. Excellent.


Maison Bouachon Cote-Du-Rho


On the flip side of the menu I got pretty excited when I took a glance at the Appetizer menu. A nice selection to choose from–we ordered and shared the Belgian Garlic Fries ($6) tossed with fresh garlic and herbs and served with garlic aioli and ketchup on the side; Black Bean Hummus ($8) served with warm pita bread triangles and sweet onion balsamic vinaigrette and the Slider Tasting Plate ($14) which included one Classic Beef, one Chicken Breast and one Crab Cake slider.  Other notable items on the menu which I’ll have to make a return visit to try is the Baked Mac ‘n Cheese ($8), a three cheese bechamel base with a Panko Parmesan Crust (you can add bacon to this for another $2 or crab for $4!) and the Tijuana Grilled Corn on the Cob ($6), grilled with Queso Fresco Cheese, Turkish paprika and lime.


Belgian Garlic Fries



Black Bean Hummus



Slider Duo: Classic Beef w/ Small Green Salad



Slider Tasting Plate: Classic Beef, Chicken and Crab


The Glendon does offers a full menu–in addition to Appetizers, they offer salads in full and half portions (you can add grilled chicken for an additional $3 or grilled salmon for another $4); Dinner Entrees ranging in price from “The House Burger” ($12) to “The Glendon Filet” ($34), a filet mignon with their mushroom bernaise sauce, served with sauteed spinach with carmelized onions and smashed red potatoes. They also serve 14″ thin cut Glendon Pizzas: Classic, Glendon, Vegetarian, South and The Ugly Goat varying in price from $11 to $14.

I had the privilege of meeting ADRIAN SELBY, Managing Partner of The Glendon and he sat down with us to talk about the restaurant and its future plans to get the word out among the many businesses in the Westwood Village area. He had just hired a Floor Manager which will free him up to focus on marketing and allow him to get to know his neighbors. The restaurant had only been opened for a few short months and for a bar located in a quieter part of Westwood Village, it was doing pretty good business but to ensure success, it was important to get the word out, especially out to the businesses in and around Westwood. The Glendon will soon be offering a lunch delivery service to nearby businesses which hopefully will be music to many an ear. Hopefully, the idea will take flight…now, if they would only deliver to Woodland Hills…

The talk then turned to the topic of dessert. Our ears perked up! Adrian shared that his pastry chef Renee, who was on TLC’s Cake Boss, was the creator of their entire dessert menu, all of which are made from scratch. Adrian suggested the Fleur d Sel Carmel Cheesecake, a smooth classic cheesecake drizzled with Salted Caramel. We were all game and our taste buds were in for a treat! The cheesecake was super smooth; not too heavy but light and airy.  The drizzle of salted caramel over the cheesecake was the piece the resistance! The sea salt in the caramel cut through the sweetness of the caramel–it wasn’t too cloying or sickly sweet, it was absolute perfection!


Fleur d Sel Carmel Cheesecake


The Glendon shows lots of promise. An inventive, fun menu; great wine and cocktail menu, a great place to gather with friends or colleagues for lunch, happy hour or dinner.

1071 Glendon Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90024


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