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Kogi BBQ has become somewhat of a phenom here in Los Angeles.  They’ve been around now for about a year and until recently, have yet to actually see their trucks and partake in their simple fare.  I’ve been following them on Twitter and usually catch their trucks’ whereabouts “after the fact”. If it weren’t for my family visiting from San Francisco during Spring break, I probably would have delayed experiencing what I consider to be a gastronomical experience.

When I first heard Korean and Mexican together, I wasn’t so sure but it totally works. And thousands of fans agree with me. It’s so worth the wait in line and patience will be rewarded with the unique blend of the best Korean and Mexican fare you’ve ever had. And at a reasonable price:


You can afford to try a variety of different items on the menu. And really, it’s THAT good.  Kogi BBQ trucks can be seen all over Los Angeles and Orange counties Tuesday thru Saturday (they don’t run on Sundays or Mondays). In LA, there are four trucks that currently service the area and most stops are on average 3 hours. To keep track of their whereabout, I follow them on Twitter under “Kogi BBQ” and can check on my iPhone when the mood for a Kogi hit strikes. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can go directly to their website to view their schedule for the week.


What did I order? I took home the Korean Short Rib Tacos, the Blackjack Quesadilla (my favorite), the Korean Spicy Pork Burrito and the Korean Short Rib Burrito, and Korean Short Rib Sliders. Here are a few photos (tried to snap them quick because the boys wanted to chow down):

Above: Korean Short Rib Tacos

Above: The last slice of Blackjack Quesadilla.

Above: The Korean Short Rib Slider

Above: Korean Spicy Pork Burrito

Once you’re order is ready, you’ll have to package it up yourself “to go”. Not a big deal and people don’t seem to mind. There are foil sheets and plastic bags for you to package up your Kogi treats for home.

Check out Kogi BBQ if you can. Your taste buds won’t be disappointed!

Above: The Princess Gourmet with family visiting from San Francisco at the Encino truck stop location–my cousin Gina, her daughter Taylor and my favorite Aunt Josie.



2 thoughts on “KOREAN-MEXICAN CUISINE ON WHEELS: Kogi BBQ, Los Angeles

  1. Thanks Kat! And yes, my family did! LOL! Kogi also serves its unique cuising at The Alibi Room and the company recently opened up a restaurant in Culver City called Chego. We should check it out soon. 🙂

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