Los Angeles County

DAPHNE’S GREEK CAFE – Woodland Hills, CA


I love Greek food and I usually don’t have it for lunch since there aren’t many Greek places near my office. When I do have Greek though, it’s usually at a restaurant and not “fast food”. I decided to try Daphne’s Greek Cafe, about 10 minutes from my office, in a fairly new office complex. I wanted to try something new and different so I ventured out on a beautiful sunny day and made the short drive over to Daphne’s.

They have a pretty diverse menu consisting of starters, fresh salads, soups, plate combinations, lunch combos, fresh grilled pita sandwiches, including kids meals and sides. I decided to have the Fresh Grilled Pita Sandwich Lunch Combo which included a fresh carved gyros pita, tzatziki sauce, a fountain drink and a choice of two of three items offered with this combo: greek salad, rice or fries.  I opted for the greek salad and fries.

I heard from a co-worker that the service was somewhat slow so I was surprised that I got my order pretty quickly. I had it to go and I should have checked it before I left. When I got to my office, my order was incomplete. It did not have the tzatziki sauce and without it, a gyro just isn’t a gyro. Instead, the gyro had Italian dressing. My greek salad did not have any dressing on it whatsoever! What’s up with that? And the fries–wow, I get more from a small order of fries from McDonalds! Actually, Daphne’s was doing me a favor since I really should lay off the fries but it’s the principal of the thing. The gyro meat look like it had been sliced and left out a little too long and it wasn’t as warm as I thought it should be (my office isn’t that far). It was decent but I think it could have been better.

Will I go back? I’m not sure if I will. I go to this Meditteranean place at the Westfield Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks and their gyros are fresh, hot, moist and flavorful–not to mention, with loads of tzatziki sauce! I know Daphne’s is a franchise so perhaps I’ll have a different experience at another location. In the meantime, I’ll stick to the Mall if I want a gyro!

5780 Canoga Avenue
Woodland Hills, California 91367
Phone: 818.595.3322



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